Experienced factory trained technicians offer pump repair service on end suction, split case, positive displacement, air-operated diaphram, submersible and vertical turbine pumps.

OPSCO also offers pick-up and delivery of your product as well as 24 hour emergency service.

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OPSCO Service is our full-service pump and motor repair/rewind facility. Our repair technicians are factory trained and have over thirty years of repair experience. We repair all makes and models including end suction, split case, vertical turbine, positive displacement, air-operated diaphragm, and submersible pumps and mixers. In addition, we offer a rewind and repair service for electric motors. We provide pick-up and delivery service and we offer emergency service 24/7.

Field Support

Our factory trained technicians are available to assist with your equipment selection, start up and trouble shooting. We also provide onsite motor testing with our Baker ST-103 Winding Analyzer.